From: Osaka, Japan

Hobby: Watching movies, reading books, traveling & shopping.

Why do I want to work in the U.S.?

– I’ve been interested in living abroad since I was younger. Also because I enjoy watching movies, I became more and more interested in the American culture.
I wanted to become a hair stylist in America and help my clients to achieve their greatest looks!

Message to Clients:

– Please let me know your style preference and any concerns you have about your hair. Together, we will find a hair style that suits you best!

Self Introduction:

– Hi, I’m Madoka. I have been a stylist for a long time in Japan. Over the years I have studied cosmetology techniques, the art of Kimono wearing and of course – hair styling. I like to design hair styles that’s easy for clients to maintain for themselves.


From: Fujinomiya, Japan

Hobby: Studying the English language.

Why do I want to work in the U.S.?

– I want a change in my life and challenge new things here!

Message to Clients:

– As a hair stylist, one of my favorite things to do is haircut. I do both men’s and women’s.

Self Introduction:

– Hello, I’m Terry from Japan. This is my first year in America. If you need a hair style change, come see me. I’ll do my best!

Umi Hayashi

From: Kanagawa, Japan

Hobby: Mountain climbing, camping & cycling.

Why do I want to work in the U.S.?

– When I was 14, I had a dream of becoming a hair stylist. At that moment, I decided to challenge myself by being a stylist in America.

Message to Clients:

– I enjoy creating stylish perms for my clients. I do haircuts for everyone! Including: Men’s, Women’s, Jr. & Kid’s Cut.

Self Introduction:

– HMy name is Umi, and I’ve been a stylist in Tokyo, Japanese for 7 years.

Joanna T receptionist

Joanna grew up in two countries – Taiwan and America, where she was influenced by both cultures.
She graduated with honors from the University of North Texas with a degree in Fashion Design.
With a love for intricate details, she hopes to share the attention to details Arukas Hair offers to their clients.
Joanna speaks English, Mandarin Chinese and continues to learn and practice the Japanese language